The Problem

The task of this acedemic project is to create a new persona and new user flow for an existing app. Our team chose Hinge, and redesigned the dating app for Chinese Immigrants Elderly living in the US. We created a revised profile setting flow, aimed for simplifying the process and satisfying new needs.

Hinge is a dating app which emphasizes long-term connections between users over superficiality. It’s known for the unique profile questions that leads to closer interactions. Through the re-design, we wanted to keep its accountability for the elderly, and make the profile setups more accessible.

Design Phases

The Solution

To find opportunities for elderly relationship building, we designed a much more accessible version of Hinge. Our re-designed pages provide simplified profile setup pages, accessible UI designs that are intuitive and user-friendly, and a more accountable matching experience.


Current Profile Setup Flow Overview

Challenges For Targeted Users



  • Six photos are required, which is not friendly for none tech-savvy users, especially with elderly who may not be familiar with phone albums.   
  • Profile prompts are too lengthy and complicated; the prompts are trendy and intriguing for younger users to start conversations but might not be easy to understand for elders, especially Chinese immigrants.
  • UI design could be more accessible; the color contrast is excellent, but the font size may be too small to read.

User Stories


Redesigned Wireframe

As a first Chinese immigrant, 

I want to find a partner of similar age who shares the same hobbies and lifestyle to keep each other company.

As a daughter of a single mom, 

I want to help my mother find a partner who’s responsible, caring, and can live with her.

Less barriers to entry

  • Changed the photo requirements to optional;
  • Added Take a Photo section;
  • Simplified the prompt questions to a few;
Easy Mode

  • Adjusted Interface design
  • Added Translation function by simply click a button;
  • Added the Enlarging function by double tapping;

More Accountability

  • Added Dealbreaker section;

Medium Fidelity Prototype

Mid-fi Prototype Demo


Marketing Material

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