︎Hi there, I am Lynette ︎

I’m a Brooklyn-based designer born and raised in China. I am an experienced product designer, creating user-centric experiences for individual projects and scalable recurring revenue-generating products.

Hailing from a background in Jewelry Design, I work in the jewelry industry for designing and production coordinating. With a passion for problem-solving and product design, I now am studying in the MFA-Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design. My skill set covers from design, marketing, and production, which makes me a visual and experience designer, multimedia storyteller, and proudly a craftswoman.

I believe that design and technology can permeate every product, moment, and solution in our lives and have enormous potential for change. I am incredibly passionate about developing and using my skills in UX design to create intuitive and accessible solutions that improve social justice and people’s lives.

Call/text: 929.507.8810
Email: lynettehuang.yao@gmail.com
Instagram: @metallic_yao

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